about us

wet kat pool service

Wet Kat Pool Service has been in business since 2000 and is the Largest female-owned pool company in pacific NW.

We began with one pool in Portland and have grown to service commercial and residential pools and spas in over 25 cities in Oregon.

Meet Our Kool Kats!


I started Wet Kat Pool Service, LLC in April of 2000 after spending eleven years in the health and fitness industry. I began my love of pools at age 12, when I got into competitive swimming. I spent time as a lifeguard and swim coach, and one could say, water is mixed with my blood.

Originally an east coaster, I am now a happy Oregonian. I believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the less fortunate in our society and to live consciously to help save our planet. In my free time I enjoy all water sports.

I recently started stand up paddle-boarding, but my favorite past times are playing the ukulele and spending time with my family.


I joined Wet Kat in 2001 and learned from Nichelle the maintenance and repair side of the business while working side by side with her. As I gain knowledge and experiece I became the main crew lead and repair tech.

In 2012, I felt I needed a change and left the company though occasionally helped out training staff or making repairs. I was re-hired in 2017 as the general manger and am happy to be again working side by side with Nichelle.

When not at work I enjoy building things, fixing things, working on my house, hanging out with my animals (or anyone else’s), and working in the yard.


At Wet Kat Pool Service, I am part of the office staff. With my organizational skills, I try to keep all certifications, registrations, payments and banking functions current and up to date. I am somewhat of a detail person, so that helps! I enjoy working with the mostly female Wet Kat staff in a position of responsibility and trust.

I am a yogi, gardener, reader, hiker and lover of all things outdoors (and in Portland, that includes walking in the rain). I am a transplant to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but after 13 years, I know I am definitely home.


Also a part of the office staff, Genevieve is the sweet voice you get when you call us! She started at Wet Kat in 2015 as a shop manager and still helps prep all the maintenance people for their day but has evolved her duties to include answering the phone and emails, relaying all things pool emergency related, and creating spreadsheets galore.

Outside of work Genevieve is a theatre geek and stage manager. She can sometimes be found playing video games and always with her sidekick Kerrigan.


Home town: Nixa, Missouri

Started at Wet Kat Pool Service: 2018

Favorite past time: theater, video games, and hosting trivia

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: seeing cute dogs all the time!


Home town: Dubuque, IA

Started at Wet Kat Pool Service: 2019

Favorite past time: Acting on stage and getting lost on the backroads on my motorcycle

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: I get to see some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Portland and I keep up a great tan without any effort!


Home town: outer

Started at Wet Kat Pool Service: infinity

Favorite past time: spacing

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: all the space

Violet Moon

Home town: Portland, Oregon

Started at Wet Kat Pool Service: 2020

Favorite past time: Learning new tricks, playing with friends

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: Everybody loves me!

Even though I’m still just a puppy, I’m working hard and learning new things every day so that I get to be one of the Kats!


Home town: Vancouver, WA

Years at Wet Kat Pool Service: 2015

Favorite past time: bossing people around, questioning existence, hogging the blankies

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: the car ride home


Home town: Phoenix, AZ

Started at Wet Kat Pool Service: 2011

Favorite past time: hanging out with moms, playing with my ball and with my baby brother

The best part about working at Wet Kat is: morning pets from the crew!